What Is Going On With ‘Bloodborne 2’? Check Out Its Expected Plot, Release Date and So Much More!


Since the immediate success of Bloodborne in 2015, gaming junkies are desperate to get their hands on its sequel. It managed to sell over two million copies in its first year. It was praised by many critics and players from the gaming universe because of its dark, gothic and disturbing realm fused with some mighty grotesque monsters. Although FromSoftware hinted the possibility of Bloodborne two some time ago. But it seems like the fans will have to wait for more for this role-playing action game. What is the cause of this delay? Check out below!

Bloodborne 2 Expected Plot Details: What Can We Expect From It?


We know Bloodborne (2015) ended with an elderly wheelchair-bound hunter Gehrman. His offer discovered three different endings to the game. We ended up in the real Yharnam after accepting his offer. He beheaded us. We battled with Gehrnam after rejecting his offer and encountered a dangerous creature named Moon Presence. We also got bounded to the Nightmare.

The upcoming entry in the Bloodborne franchise is expected to tell us more about the Great Ones. Players will have a chance to explore the world of Yharnam to a greater extent. Right now, we don’t know any official plot points regarding Bloodborne 2, but we totally believe that the gamers will face some new challenges and unravel some new exciting mysteries.

Is There A Release Date?

We know FromSoftware has too much to handle at this point. It is reportedly working on two new projects, and it seems like Bloodborne 2 is not a part of them. The developers have openly stated that they are interested in working on some new projects rather than focusing on the sequels. But they can’t deny its record-breaking success. We are hopeful that an official announcement regarding the release of Bloodborne two will be made soon.

What About The Teasers and Trailers?

FromSoftware released the teaser of “Shadows Die Twice” in E3 2018. It’s a similarity with Bloodborne that forced the poor fans to get excited about Bloodborne 2. Its cycles of life and death, violence, and rebirth, and many themes looked very similar to Bloodborne. But that was definitely not the case. Plus, no official teaser has been released by FromSoftware regarding the release of Bloodborne 2. We will keep you all updated about it.

You can watch the following video to know more about Bloodborne 2:


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