‘Perfect Tunes’- A Novel By Emily Gould. Tap in to know more about the author and the plot.


Books are lifetime best friends of a person. It never leaves a person alone and also keeps one out of boredom. One such book to read during the time of the quarantine period is Perfect Tunes by Emily Gould. The book is perfect for lovers of music. It is a fiction coming of age book published on 14th April 2020.
The book can now be purchased on Amazon.com. It can also be read online available on goodreads.com and Scribd.com. The book consists of 288 pages divided into 33 chapters. The publisher of the book is Simon and Schuster.

About the author of Perfect Tunes
The author of Perfect Tunes is Emily Gould, who is an American writer. This is her second book. Previously, she has written a novel titled Friendship. She is one of the noted novelists. She also writes collections of essays. One of them is, And the Heart Says Whatever. She lives and runs an e-book store in New York known by the name, Emily Book. She also publishes books in collaboration with Ruth Curry.

The Plotline of Perfect Tunes

In the first part of the book, a girl by the name Laura is introduced who had graduated from college recently and dreamed of becoming a musician. She moves to New York City with her best friend, Callie. Then she takes up a job at an upscale bar as a hostess. There she meets her love interest Dylan, at a music venue which has a band.
In the second part of the book, which moves forward about a year, Laura is seen to be the mother of a single parent, and she decides to put her music career on hold. During this time, the music career of Callie flourishes.
In part three of the book, Laura’s daughter Marie, grows to be a teenager. This part shows the complicated relationship between Marie and Laura. She also has a stepfather and stepsister whom Laura meets at the end of the second part.