Adonis Creed Is Back With ‘Creed 3’! Check Out Its Expected Plot Points, Cast (Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, etc), Release Date and So Much More!



Fighting hard, fighting strong
Fighting harder…
Fighting hard, fighting strong
Fighting harder…

Fight! Fight! Fight!

We are damn sure that the lyrics mentioned above immediately pop into the minds of the fans whenever they see Adonis Creed throwing punches against his opponents. Well, it seems like these fans might get another chance of singing this song when they see Adonis returning to the ring for the third time. Yes, you read it absolutely right! Adonis Creed is back!

The much-awaited entry in the Rocky film series, Creed III, is set to return with a bang on the big screens. Zach Baylin will be the screenwriter of this movie. Baylin is well-known for penning down the screenplay of King Richard, starring Will Smith as the father of Venus and Serena Williams. Despite Jordan’s busy schedule, MGM is determined to make it happen!

There is no denying that the Creed (2015) miraculously injected a new and refreshing fuel into Rocky Balboa’s franchise. It reminded us of the thrills and sheer joy of nail-biting boxing matches. Rocky, aka Sylvester Stallone, bagged the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor and earned a nomination in Academy Awards for the same category. And I don’t think I have to mention the upliftment of Micheal B. Jordan’s career after the successful performance of this movie. Creed II (2018) managed to protect the spirit of the franchise and proved to be a worthy successor in the Creed series. So, it will be very exciting to see how this upcoming Creed installment performs. Will it get knocked out? Or will it emerge victoriously? Check out below!

Creed 3 Plot: What Is Going To Happen?

We all know that Baylin was hired by MGM for writing the script of Creed 3. But he is still working hard on the screenplay. So, we don’t know how will the upcoming installment turn out. But we can expect Donnie and Bianca’s relationship to be explored in greater detail. It is reported to serve as a fitting end to the trilogy. The makers should not think about bringing back the old characters, especially when they have this amazing chance of creating Donnie’s own legacy. However, we can’t ignore the possibility of Viktor Drago’s return to this franchise.

According to a rumor, we might see… Umm… How should we put it? Death of Rocky Balboa? We know it definitely comes as a shock, but it also seems to be the right time for bidding farewell to our much-beloved character.

Creed 3 Release Date: When Will It Hit The Theatres?

We don’t know when the production work for Creed 3 is going to start. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has halted the production works of many big Hollywood projects. Plus, Jordan has a jam-packed schedule. We have a chance of a 2021 release date if its production starts early. Otherwise, we will definitely see it in theatres in 2022.

Creed 3 Cast: Who Will Return?

We can’t imagine Creed 3 without the legendary duo of Micheal B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. Both are expected to reprise their respective roles. Tessa Thompson’s involvement will be crucial for taking Adonis’s story a bit further. But the biggest question is still on the cards: “Will we see the old characters returning to this franchise, or do we have a chance of getting some new characters?” We will keep you all updated about this.

Is Micheal B. Jordan Going To Sit On The Director’s Chair?

We all know that Sylvester Stallone has directed many movies from the Rocky franchise, and it seems like Michael B. Jordan is going to follow his footsteps as well. Producer Irwin Winkler mentioned in his memoir, Life in Movies: Stories From 50 Years in Hollywood, that he offered Jordan an opportunity to direct Creed’s third installment. He wrote:

“I promised Michael B. Jordan that he’d get his chance to direct Creed III… Last year in a conversation with our Creed star Michael B. Jordan, I offered him the opportunity to not only star in but also to direct Creed III.”

It seems exciting, isn’t it? Stay tuned for more updates.

Check out the following video to know more about Creed 3!


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