‘Marvel’s Runaways Season 4’: More about the Runaways and The PRIDE and How Will They Stand Against each other? Release date, cast and plot details inside


With the makers announcing the end of the show, the fans of the show are very disappointed. Marvel’s show on the team of six youngsters who ran away from their homes to fight the PRIDE has been concluded officially. 

Runaways Vs. PRIDE

The Runaways fight their common enemy throughout the franchise, and much to their dismay, the teens, fight their evil parents. At the beginning of the show, we find that our young friends come to know about PRIDE and that’s when they flee their homes. As the show continues, they form a team, using their superpowers to fight PRIDE. 

What are the superpowers of the Runaways?

The Runaways form a team of six consisting of Alex, Nico, Molly, Chase, Karolina, and Gertrude. Their superpowers are as follows:

  1. Alex, who leads the team, does not specifically exhibit any superpower but possesses a tactical mind and an expert ability to manipulate and plan, in addition to his incredible intelligence.
  2. Nico controls her magical Staff 
  3. Molly has her glowing eyes
  4. Chase has the famous Fistigons that he wears in his hands
  5.  Karolina has a glowing bracelet that helps her mitigate her power
  6. Gertrude has the power to telepathically control her genetically engineered velociraptor Old Lace.

Who are the PRIDE, and what are their plans in the show?

The PRIDE, as presented in the series, is a Los Angeles-based charity organization. The full form of PRIDE being Promoting Resilience, Independence, Dedication & Excellence. It consists of members from affluent families of Los Angeles. 

Though they keep a clean image in the light of the day, their true loyalty lies to the ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim to restore Jonah, their benefactor.

After coming face-to-face in a confrontation with their children, the PRIDE acquires two new objectives: 

  • Assassinating Jonah, their previous benefactor
  • Finding their children who had fled from them

The PRIDE members hoped that they could bring an end to their activities after achieving their newly found objectives. Though, in the show, we don’t find them successful in their objectives even till the end of the show.