‘Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America’- a book by Laila Lalami. Click here to know more about the release date and plot of the book


Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America is a book written by Laila Lalami. The book is about the politics, history, and literature. It is about huge discrimination between race and gender in America. To know more about the book, keep on reading.

Release date of the book:- the book conditional citizen: on belonging in America has not been published yet. It is said that the book will be going to published in September/October of 2020. The book will be published under the pantheon publisher. The length of the book is 208 pages. Let’s hope that the book will release soon.

About the author of the book:- Laila Lalami is a Moroccan-American novelist. She was born in 1986, in Rabat, Morocco. She is also a professor by profession. She mainly writes in fiction genres. She completed her Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Southern California. She began publishing her work in 1996. She received strong critical praise and won many awards. Some of her notable works are the moors account, secret son, hope and other dangerous pursuits, and more.

About the plot of the book:-  the book Conditional Citizens: on Belonging in America is based on the personal experience of the author, Laila Lalami. This book revolves around the journey of Laila from Morocco immigrant to being a U.S citizen. The author explains it in the book using points like her rights, liberties, and protections associated with American Citizens. In the book, Lalami radiantly complained about deeply personal Conditional Citizens that weaves together. She shares her own experience in the book about the place of non-white in the border American Culture. She also writes about how she was investigated at the airports because of the 9/11 event. Lalami has shown some racist parts of America. She has written about being ill-treated in her workplace and how difficult it is for her to be a part of a country like this that doesn’t accept people from an Arab country like hers.

This book is a must-read because it shows the reality of the Culture around America and what people truly face there.


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