Linda Tripp: Net Worth in 2020, Early Life, Personal Life, Scandals And Everything You Should Know


Linda Tripp was one of the famous public figures. She was an American civil servant and a business owner who come to spotlight after she recorder the scandal that created mighty publicity due to which everyone was eyeing on the intimate relationship of Lewinsky and bill Clinton.

The early life of Linda Tripp
She was born in New Jersey. Her father worked as a high school teacher, and her mother was a homemaker. IN her early childhood days, her father had an affair with his own colleague, which was soon caught by her mother. Due to which her parents had a bitter relationship, and they soon decided to end that relationship and get divorced in 1968. She could not help but decided to have any further conversation with her parents. She attended Hanover Park high school in New Jersey and later joined in a secretarial school. She decided to serve her life for the betterment of the army intelligence secretary, which already is a privilege and an honorable work.

Personal Life and Scandals:
Linda Tripp was famous for her Scandal episodes that had a link with Monika Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. After a while, she was criticized for misleading the people and was blamed for the scandal between Lewinsky and Clinton. Later, she justified herself in order to avoid the controversies by giving her opinion that intention was not to set a bad example for other people; instead, it was her patriotism that made her do this and which helped her in succeeding to avoid the further complicacy in her life.

Linda Tripp Net Worth in 2020
Her career went serving as a civil servant, and as a successful businesswoman, she worked wholeheartedly. Coming to her net worth, it’s still a mystery, and her income is still under review.

Unfortunately, Pancreatic cancer was the major cause of her death. She will be remembered as people can never forget the way she served the nation and the state as a civil servant.