‘Wasteland 3’: Release date and everything else you must know about this game


Wasteland 3, developed by inXile Entertainment, is a sequel to Wasteland 2. It was developed following the critical acclaim received by Wasteland 2.

Set to release on August 28, 2020, this game has taken the gaming world by storm, it is one of the most anticipated game releases today. Wasteland 2 is a squad-based video game, and the players are required to make different choices, which would lead to different results in the game. It has been set in post-apocalyptic Colorado, wherein the player is required to take on the last surviving member of Team November.

Wasteland 3 is expected to be much better and even more engaging than its prequel was. Gamers can play solo or with friends, with multiple options to choose from, where one choice leads to a whole new scenario. The setting is extremely realistic and deals with the outcomes of human actions. A fully voiced and engaging game that is set to sweep players off their feet, Wasteland 3 is ready to enter the gaming world with a bang.

InXile announced the development of Wasteland 3 in September 2016, and since then, it has been in the production phase. The budget of Wasteland 3 is considered to be thrice of its prequel’s budget. This is due to the expenditure incurred on hiring voice artists and including more conversational aspects in this version.

The trailer was dropped in 2019 and has been loved by gaming enthusiasts. It is gripping and tells us more about what Wasteland 3 is truly about.

Wasteland 3 was about to be released in 2019 and was about to be launched on Linux, macOS, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. However, after Xbox Game Studios acquired InXile, the staff was increased, and the release date was postponed to August 28, 2020.