‘Simon Konecki’: Net Worth, Career And Personal Life. Click Here To Know All About This Business Tycoon


One of the famous businessman Simon Konecki is the CEO of Drop4Drop, a charitable organization. He was born in New York on 17 April 1974. After a few years, he shifted to London. He attendant a prestigious boy school at Eton for 2years. He was called Swampy because of his long hair. Therefore he joined the EBS group as a director. He’s currently 46 years old.

At the age of 17, Simon steps into a profession as a foreign exchange broker. Having success in the business at the age of 24, he started leading senior broker association and associates at Lehman brothers.

After a few years, Simon and his friends started a project of living water, which also helps in raising funds and therefore started a brand Drop4Drop, which was successful. As now, Drop4Drop is one of the most eco-friendly brands of water bottle supplies in the entire UK. David Simon has also established and charitable organization for the sole motive to serve poor section society. His organization is supported by British actor Sid Owen who was Simon’s friend from 20 years, and Stephen Fry also supports the organization.

As per the report in April 2020, the net worth of Simon Konecki is around $2 million. Perhaps his business is running successfully; he is trying to expand his charitable organization in other countries to serve poor people and supply fresh and clean water.

Now we talk about his personal life Clary Fisher was his first wife, and they both even had a daughter together. Later they both got separated. After that, 46-year-old Simon started dating former British singer Adele and later got married and had a son named Angelo Adkins; although, it didn’t work out between Adele and Simon, and in 2019 they both broke up. To know more, stay updated.