‘Sword Art Online Season 4’ : Get to know more about the gaming journey of Kirito and his mates. Click here for updates on release date, cast and plot.


The Japanese light novel series is back with the fourth season of its anime adaption series. Sword Art Online, the anime series has the same name as the novel by Reki Kawahara.

What is the show about?

Set in 2022, the series presents a high-tech world where gaming plays a very important role. In this high-tech world, a multiplayer virtual reality game launches. According to the rule of the game, the player gets trapped into the cyberspace on entering the game with the help of a VR.

Just like every game, there’s a catch in this one too; the players will be stuck in the game unless one of them makes it till the end, passing 100 floors of the steel castle battling the chaos that lies along with the game. Also, the one who dies in the virtual world dies in the real world too. 

What makes the series more interesting is during the game, any player can be emotionally, physically, mentally, or by every means attached and can control the character that he represents. Also, he is accountable for the effect that his actions have on the other players. 

The USP of the series is the new adventures and new mind games that the show brings in with every new season and episode. This creates a mystery, making the storyline unpredictable. Also, the readers of the comic series would be interested because the makers of the show have shuffled the chapters in the novel, adding more twists and turns to the series, just keeping the characters intact.



The main characters in the upcoming season will be:

  • Kirito voiced by Yoshitugo Matsouka
  • Asuna voiced by Haruka Tomatsu
  • Eugeo voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki
  • Alice Schuberg voiced by Ai Kayano

in the lead roles with other developing characters joining the long journey.

What to expect in the upcoming season?


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