‘iPhone SE’ Features, Drawbacks, Price, Launch Date And Comparison with Previous iPhones and Much More


In the series of iPhone new one is going to launch soon. It is iPhone SE going to release in 2020. The main motto is to manufacture the phone at less price than compared to the previous models. This iPhone is also going to have a handset feature. The design is regular, like iPhones.Apple stopped the manufacturing handset model since 2013. This iPhone features a home button with a fingerprint lock system and scanner inbuilt.

It is a smaller iPhone from the recent models launched. So it is going to be lightweight and pocket friendly. This model is going to be water-resistant. There are some drawbacks in the design of the model, like display feature is a little outdated, so there would be a little problem to watch videos in brighter light. Another issue is it lacks the headphone insertion area at the bottom. The battery is going to be one of the biggest issues. Like the previous iPhones, it is not going to have a lasting battery and would depend on apps that eat the battery.


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Features like A13 Bionic chipset is going to speed the system and works efficiently everywhere and gives better performance when compared to the previous one. Apple is mostly going to stick with the design as iPhone8. A13 is going to improve the camera performance too. It takes bright photos, but clarity might not be that equal to iPhone 11.

But this iPhone is going to be the cheapest iPhone ever Apple launched. This iPhone is going to be budget-friendly with good quality hardware and who want to have a phone under the chain of Apple.


This model is going to cost around $399 / £419 / AU$749 / Rs 42,500. It is expected to launch on June 11th, and pre-orders will be opened too. So to all who are interested in grabbing this budget-friendly apple, get ready for it, and stay tuned for further updates.


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