‘iPhone 12’ Design, Feature, Price, Launch date and Everything You Need to Know


iPhone 12 for which all Apple lovers are waiting for is going to release soon. This new iPhone is going to be the biggest revolution in Apple’s smartphones. This phone is going to mark a high budget in our pockets. The previous iPhone 11 just had a few new camera options and good battery life. Too many updates weren’t made in 11. So, let us see what 12 is going to feature.

iPhone 12 design

This phone is going to be a huge one. It almost looks like the Pro iPad model so classic and sleek. But it wouldn’t be that easy to fit in hands. The design leak gives us a hint it is going too have a notch a smaller one and also a front-facing camera. This model is going to have Face Id lock.

New iPhone 12 (2020) Release Date, Price & Specs: Latest News ...

There are four models designed int his series in which the larger one will have the screen 6.7-inch. Smaller ones will be about 5.4-inch. Body of 6.1 is made of Aluminum, and 6.7 is made of Stainless Steel. They are thinner, which is 7.4 mm thick when compared to other iPhones.This iPhone is going to be the expensive one than all iPhones created before.

RAM is also going to be great that is from 4GB, and Pro is going to have about 6GB. A14 Bionic is the chipset used. The new iPhone can share content at a speed of 20-30Gbps. So it is going to be very fast. There will be a camera update too. There are rumors going that camera would be 3D power lasers. So let us see.


Price isn’t yet announced. But it is going to range in the price of the iPhone 11 and 11Pro. The official launch date isn’t yet announced. But likely it is going to be around September 2020. So, let us wait and see how this iPhone is going to create revolution ion apples iPhones history. For further updates, stay tuned.