All the details you need to know about a Smartwatch- features and some major Smartwatches available in the market right now!!

In this era, technology keeps getting better, and things keep on getting more comfortable. One of the significant products that changed the idea of watches is smartwatches. It did make a massive difference in the modern world. Almost everyone in the world wears a watch every single time. So why not get the rest of the technology right in your watch? That’s what Smartwatches do.¬†

We can call Smartwatches as a mini-computer in the size of a wristwatch. Smartwatches can do several activities ranging from calculations, calls, music, and operating several applications. 

What’s the story behind it?

Smartwatches are something that has been in the area for quite a long time. In 1972, Seiko developed computers in the form of watches. Another significant development in watch took place when IBM released its Smartwatch that ran Linux around 2000. In 2010, the Pebble smartwatches released that hit innovation differently. It could include both the OS, Android as well as iOS. An additional feature that was incorporated by the company was Water resistance. Later, after 2010 major company started creating watches. Some of the popular smartwatches were Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch 2, Apple Watch, and LTE Galaxy Watch.

What are the advantages of having a SmartWatch?

A SmartWatch not only tells the time for you, but it also keeps track of where you are. The devices usually have GPS within them, and some of them even have cellular connectivity. In most of the fitness tracker watches, consumers look for the feature of heart rate and sleep tracker. Some additional features include such as texting or hearing music.

Major SmartWatches 

Talking about the tech industry, the first two companies that come to our mind is Samsung and Apple. Let us see what both the companies have to offer.

Samsung released its latest Gear S3. It has an AMOLED touch display with a resolution of 360×360 pixels and shaped circularly. The body made of Gorilla Glass and stainless steel has resistance against water for up to 30mins. It has an internal slot memory of 4GB and 768MB of RAM. It also has features like Heartbeat sensor and S-Voice natural language commands and dictation.

Another major one is the Apple Watch Series with a 977 sq mm display has a resolution of 394×324 pixels. It has a processor of 64-bit dual-core S5 and 32 GB capacity. The additional features include its keyboard, Siri, Apps, own camera, and Fitness tracking.