Upcoming Show ‘The Last Kingdom Season 4’ Release date, plot, cast (Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox and more) and latest updates

The Last Kingdom is one of The UK’s most loved shows. It has also been enjoyed by audiences worldwide and has been nominated for prestigious titles like The British Academy Television Craft Award. The first series that garnered critical appraise in the west premiered on BBC America and BBC Two. Today, it is available on Netflix for international audiences to stream.


We will see Millie Brady as Aethelflaed, Magnus Brun as Jarl Cnut, Ian Hart as Father Berocca, Toby Regbo as Aethelred, Mark Rowley as Finan, among others, return to their roles.

As per official announcements, new members have been introduced, and this season is set to include Jamie Blackley, who has been cast as Eardwulf and Stefanie Martini as Eadith.


The Last Kingdom has been based on a novel of the same name. It opens with the story of Uhtred Ragnarson, who was born as a Saxon but then kidnapped by the Danes, who taught him the art of being a warrior. They raised the kid as their own, after murdering his father, and created a skilled warrior out of him. Now Uhtred faces the challenge of having to pick between his motherland or those who looked after him all this time.

Season 4 delves into the details of the war Uhtred has to fight against his own blood, his uncle. The gory yet magnanimous war and action scenes are set to add to the realism of the series. All the cast members have portrayed their characters stunningly and added to the richness of the series.


As per official announcements from Netflix, season 4 will be released on 26th April 2020. The fate of season 5 is still uncertain. However, fans can enjoy the next season in the meantime.