‘The Boys season 2’: Release date, cast (Karl Urban, Antony Starr, etc), plot and more details

With an astonishing rating of 8.7 on IMDb, The Boys is one of Amazon Prime’s best and most interesting shows. This American superhero web series was based on the comic book series of the same name. When the first season premiered in 2019, Amazon renewed the show for season 2.


The corporation Vought International owns and manages individuals with superpowers. These people with superpowers are treated with great respect and are thought of as heroes. The Boys are mainly centered around the groups The Seven and vigilantes, who have the responsibility of keeping these corrupt heroes under check.

Billy Butcher is the leader of the vigilantes; he loathes those with superpowers and guides the boys. Further, the Homelander, with his ego-filled attitude, supervises the Seven. The Boys highlight the conflicts between these groups and explores various characters that enter the series.


Some of the cast members of The Boys are-

Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher, who is the leader of the boys and the biggest hater of those with superpowers.

Jack Quaid plays Hughie; he is a member of the boys who joins them after the vigilantes kill his girlfriend.

Antony Starr plays the coveted role of Homelander, the one with a massive ego who guides the Seven.

Erin Moriarty, as Annie January, a new member of the Seven who cares deeply about the public and those around her.


Season 2 is scheduled to be out on July 26, 2020. Since the production for season 2 began even before season 1 aired, it is expected that the current pandemic situation will not cause any significant changes to its set schedule. Thus, the expected and officially confirmed date for the release of The Boys season 2 remains the same.