‘Dark season 3’: Release date, cast (Louis Hoffman, Florian Panzner and more) and plot. Catch all the details here


This Netflix original came out with its first season in 2017 and has been received with much enthusiasm since the release of its successive seasons. Although It is a German-language series, many English speakers and international audiences have showered it with praise and largely positive reviews. With a staggering 8.7 IMDb rating, viewers of supernatural, sci-fi/dramas must certainly add Dark to their watch list.


Set in the German town of Winden, Dark explores themes of time travel and the ominous possibilities of the disappearance of a child. Four distinct families end up tangled in this mess of mystery and delve into the depths of all that is unknown to mankind in this universe.

Initially, the mystery begins with children vanishing in the town of Winden. It unravels only when four families get intertwined in this murky web of time travel, which spans four generations.

Although the story begins with the present, it moves back into the past by means of time travel and shows us the essential parts of a whole new mystery. The story spreads to 1986 and 1953, where certain characters begin discovering the secrets of a nearby nuclear powerplant.

Season 2 shows families trying to reunite and reconnect with other members, and newer storylines 2053 and 1921 are introduced, adding even more interesting elements to the story.


Jonas Kahnwald, played by Louis Hofmann, portrays a character struggling with his father’s suicide.

Michael Kahnwald plays Jonas’ father, who was an artist but ended his life at the beginning of the series.

Hannah Kahnwald played by Maja Schöne, is Jonas’ mother and a massage therapist

Daniel Kahnwald, played by Florian Panzner, portrays the Winden chief of police.


The third and final season has been confirmed by Netflix, and its shooting began in June last year. It is expected that the new season will be dropped by mid-2020.