‘Bancroft Season 3’: Elizabeth Bancroft’s Life, Release Date, Cast, and Everything you need to know

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British thriller TV series, Bancroft, created and written by Kate Brooke, will soon be back with its third season. The series revolves around the life of Detective Chief Superintendent of police Elizabeth Bancroft, a brave and courageous police officer who was also a loving and compassionate mother.

When can we see the third season?

After such a gripping ending to the riveting second season, the viewers are already looking for a third one. Though ITV has not yet confirmed the return of the show officially, showrunner Kate Brooke has already been speaking about what could happen if the series were to continue. That could be a thumbs up to the return of the show.

What can be seen in the third part?

To know about what can be expected from the upcoming season and more hot news, check out this video!!

Second season: Spoiler Alert!!

The second season begins with the murder of Michael and Suzzane Connors. The couple was found brutally murdered in their house, which called for an investigation. The couple’s daughter, Annabelle, was engaged to Elizabeth’s only son Joe, that compels her to be kept out of the investigation.

Having lost his ex-girlfriend, Catherine, the traumatized and disturbed Joe finds love in Annabelle. Suspecting his mother of his ex-girlfriend’s death, Joe turns a deaf ear to his mom when she comes to warn him against Annabelle. With her son’s life in danger, she is assigned the task of finding drug dealers in the city, arresting Danesh Kamara, and killing his mom, Naila Kamara.


Having been done with the drug case, she finds Joe and Annabelle arrested with the charge of murder. With the dramatic turn of events, we see Joe is blamed for the murder, which sets Elizabeth in an action-packed cat and mouse chase to bring down the murderer and save her only son. Having solved the case, Elizabeth returns to her station to be convicted of treason and murder of her colleague, Andy Beaven.

With a cliff-hanging ending like that, we hope to see how the smart and chivalrous Elizabeth gets out of the situation. Though, the makers have not yet revealed any plot.


The series stars:

  • Sarah Parish as Detective Chief Superintendent Elizabeth Bancroft
  • Adam Long as Joe Bancroft
  • Adrian Edmondson as Superintendent Clifford Walker
  • Lee Boardman as Detective Inspector George Morris
  • Charles Babalola as Detective Sergeant Andy Bevan
  • Ryan McKen as Danesh Kamara
  • Shameem Ahmad as Naila Kamara

in the lead roles.