‘The Winds Of Winter’ by George R.R Martin, Launch date, about the author and plot of the book. Know it all here!!


The Winds Of Winter is a fantasy novel. It is written by George R.R Martin. The winds of winter are the sixth part of the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ which was adapted into the HBO series the game of thrones. Readers loved the previous part of this series as well and waiting for this part of releasing as soon as possible.

About the launch date of the book:-  As far as the release date of the book is concerned, there has been no official date for the release announced yet. But it is speculated that the book will release in July 2020. The author is working on the book and will launch it as soon as possible this year.

About the author of the book:- the author of this book is George Raymond, Richard Martin. Martin is an American novelist. He also writes short stories in fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Martin is also a screenwriter and television producer. In 2005 he was called “The American Tolkien,” and he was also included on the annual Times 100 list of most influential people in the world. Martin has always been a people’s favorite author, and everyone loves to read his books because his writings have a great impact on people.

The plot of the book:- As it is the sixth part of the series ‘A song of ice and fire,’ it is expected that the novel will take the readers farther north than any of the previous books, and it will make the readers connect more with the book. Martin said that the plot of the book is going to be very dark in nature. And as the name suggests, ‘The Winds Of Winter,’ the plot of the book is not going to be happy or feel good type as many people are expecting it to be. The reader will get to see a very new and dark theme storyline in this part of the series.