‘The Doors Of Stones’ by Patrick Rothfuss, Launch date, About the author and Plot of the book, know it all here!!


The door of stone is a fantasy fiction book. It is written by Patrick Rothfuss. Patrick’s books are very much loved by the audience, and they are eagerly waiting for this book to release as well. The doors of stone are the third and last part of the trilogy (The kingkiller Chronicle). The previous two parts of this trilogy are The name of the winds and The wise man’s fear.

About the launch date of the book:- as far as the launch date of the book is concerned, there is no official announcement has been made by the author regarding the release date of the book. But there are many rumors going on that the book will release in August 2020. But we are not sure that if it is the final release date or just another speculation about the launch of the book. Though the author of the book, Patrick Rothfuss has said in many interviews that the book is still in progress and will release it as soon as possible. So, all the Lovers of this trilogy have to wait for a bit to enjoy this novel.

About the author of the book:- Patrick Rothfuss’s full name is Patrick James Rothfuss. He is an American writer. He mainly writes a novel based on fantasy. He is also an entrepreneur. Rothfuss is best known for his ongoing trilogy, “The Kingkiller Chronicle.” He won many awards for this trilogy, which includes the 2007 Quill Award for the first part of this trilogy. His book The wise man’s fare also topped the Newyork Times Best Seller List. People have always loved his writing style. And enjoy reading his novels.

The plot of the book:- as we all know, The doors of stone are the third and the final novel in The Kingkiller Chronicle series, as there is not much information about the book, it is difficult to tell its plot. But the story will continue in the book from where it’s previous part ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ ended. Till then, wait for the book to release and read its previous parts to get an idea of the storyline.