‘The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes’ by Suzanne Collins: When will book release? Catch All The Details Here


In today’s world, books make the reader fall into an imaginary fantasy world. There are many fiction and fantasy novels, but one of the famous is the Hunger games series. The complete set of Hunger games book series is Hunger games (2008), catching fire (2009) and Mockingjay (2010). The author of the books is Suzanne Collins. The series includes science fiction, drama, action, fantasy, and adventure genres. The publisher of the book series is scholastic, and these novel series are the best selling novels. The series is also available in the form of audiobooks and ebooks available online. The book series was sold around 56 territories and in 51 languages till yet. In 2019 BBC news listed the Hunger games series as one of the 100 most influential novels.

Therefore in 2012, Suzanne’s Hunger games series went to Hollywood, and therefore, movies were made on the basis of the Book Series. The main character in novel series Katniss Everdeen is a play by Jennifer Lawrence onscreen 

As in June 2019, producers of Hunger games series announced in an interview that they are working with Suzanne Collins on the next part of the book for the Hunger games novel series. The author has decided to make a prequel novel named the Ballad of songbird and snakes. The next book will be based on the previous story, which happened 64 years before the event of the Hunger Games. The novel may consist of dark days faced by the rebellion in Panem. Therefore Susan also added a statement that in the upcoming novel, readers would explore the time after the end of the war where people of Panem will learn to survive and make their lives stable again. 

It stated that the book would be released on 19th May 2020. Readers are waiting for the book so eagerly. Therefore this part of the novel will also make the success of the hunger games series. To know more, stay updated.