‘On My Block season 3’: Release date, plot, cast (Sierra Capri, Diego Tinoco, etc ) and the latest updates on the upcoming season


With an 8.1 IMDb, On My Block is one of Netflix’s most loved teen comedies. On My Block was the winner of Teen Choice Awards and has gained praise not only by teenagers but also by critics.

Set in South Central Los Angeles, this series is about a group of teen friends navigating high school and experiencing their lives. Friendships and relations are tested, and adolescence is explored in this hilarious drama series. Things take a perilous route when drugs and dangers of the city enter their lives.

On My Block is a beloved crime show that portrays the reality and grimness of life with rawness and accuracy. The complexities of life have been depicted well- throughout all the seasons. Further, The show has its own gripping, edge-of-the-seat moments, alongside moments of wonderful comic timing, making it a must-watch.


  • Sierra Capri plays Monsé Finnie, with a tomboyish personality, she becomes the head of her group.
  • Jason Genao plays Ruben “Ruby” Martinez, the Mexican-descent math whiz kid who is the intellectual one in the group.
  • Brett Gray plays Jamal Turner; he is the African-American nerd of his group.
  • Diego Tinoco plays Cesar Diaz, the one who is forced to enter a gang as soon as his brother is released from prison.
  • Julio Macias as Oscar Diaz, Cesar’s older brother.


Season 3 is already out as of March 2020 and has also been quite successful. Also, Season 4 has is expected to be released due to the show’s popularity; however, due to the current coronavirus situation, one cannot guarantee what will happen to the release date of season 4. It is expected that season 4 will be out somewhere around March 2021 with possible delays.