‘Daybreak Season 2’: Any official announcement yet? Click here to know all about the release date, plot and cast that includes Colin Ford, Austin Crute and many more


Daybreak is an American comedy-drama series. The creator of the show was Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite. The series was based on an eponymous comic, which was written by Brian Ralph.

Is Daybreak going to happen?
Netflix announced on its official page that the Daybreak wouldn’t come with its sequel. The fans are expecting the second season of Daybreak, but they officially announced that it would not be going to happen. The show was 1st dropped on Netflix on 24th October, and there were so many viewers of the show with its both iconic drama and characters.

The storyline of Daybreak

The story of Daybreak was all about five teenagers who were fighting to survive a past nuclear blast phase, which would be caught too much attention from the youngsters. Many of the youngsters are looking for the second part of the show.
Additionally, no one will be getting enough of the 4-H Club, including the gang of jocks and gamers, and also included other brave-hearted tribes from the show.

Reason for cancellation of Daybreak
The co-creator of the teenage show Aron Coleite stated on social media in December 2019 that the show will be canceled. Therefore, there won’t be any Season 2 of the show. He also told that the team of Daybreak also felt bad as a fan of the show and gave a lot of love towards the show. Additionally, he told that he had thanked all those viewers who would love this show and took it in a different stage.

The cast of Daybreak

Daybreak premiered so many stars. The stars like Colin Ford, who was known for his ultimate alongside Alyvia Alyn Lind, Austin Crute, Mathew Broderick, and Krysta Rodriguez. All of them will be available for premiering on Netflix. There will be a chance that this will come with its sequel so the fans might not be missed the dramatic show.