‘Afterlife’ a novel by Julia Alvarez, official release, plot and everything you must know about it


The bestselling author Julia Alvarez has penned masterpieces such as How the García Girls Lost Their Accents and In the Time of the Butterflies.  This internationally celebrated author has garnered immense critical acclaim for her work in the past. Now she is being talked about again for her brilliant work in Afterlife.


The story revolves around Antonia Vega, a Dominican immigrant writer, who recently retired from the university where she taught English. Unexpectedly, her husband, Sam, suddenly dies, and she is left grieving his death. A whirlwind of sudden losses ensue, her sister goes missing, and a pregnant teen seeks refuge at her doorstep, she is left with not much to turn to but her beloved books and literature- which offer her wisdom and words that empower. However, it’s still hard to cope with the unfathomable pain she goes through. Amidst this entanglement of grievous emotions, she turns a year older. Also, her three sisters enter adding yet another tinge of drama to the storyline.

This book has a theme that centers around morality, distrust, and migrant identities. It is a tale of loss and grief that intermingles with social and national issues surrounding migrants, and those who people may consider different. Thought-provoking, raw and gripping, this novel will make you think about various elements that life comprises of- yours and others’.


”Another beautiful, heartfelt, exhilarating, insightful read that shakes you to the core, makes you question so many things you’ve done with your life.”


With a 3.9 rating on Goodreads, Afterlife has been loved by most of the site’s community.

Most of the readers have described it as a ravishing tale of love and loss, that deals with other aspects of this world as well. All interwoven perfectly, the old life that Antonia is jolted out of, teaches us not only about the nature of humans and the distinctness in the perception of a culture but also makes us think deeper and delve into all that life has to offer despite the aches of fresh wounds and losses.


This book was officially released on April 7, 2020, and is now available for the literary world to purchase.