‘The Book Of Longings’ by Sue Monk Kidd: A biographical and historical fiction. Click Here To Know More


The Book of Longing is a novel written by one of the best selling author of the New York Times, Sue Monk Kidd, who is known for her Historical fiction and Memoir. The story tells us about a girl named Ana, who is brought up in a very prosperous family and was bound to the Monarch of Galilee. She is very courageous and ambitious with the daring heart and inquisitive brain. She used to write secret descriptions of her life, and later, she met Jesus and got married to him, who was adorned with philosophical and spiritual beliefs. In her married life, she was going through affection and dispute both. All the relations were dealing in different situations of humor and crusade. This book is a biographical and historical fiction that is rooted in remarkable ancient research with the strategy of God’s life (Jesus), who concentrates on integrity, humanity, honesty, and spirituality. The Book of Longings is an impulse for all the women who can acquire from Ana’s bold struggle to identify the ability and kindness inside her. This book by Sue Monk Kidd is predicted to be published on April 21, 2020, which is full of decent morals that a person should follow and carry out in their life because; we can learn things by reading from our soul which can escort us correctly about the efficacious and Pessimistic things; because there is only one single rationale of humans’ life i.e., to attain redemption from the birth cycle.
So, all the miscellanies out there must read this inspirational book once it is published out. So, we humans can be more mindful about our beliefs and accomplishments. Till then, stay updated and stay safe!