‘Perfect Tunes’ by Emily Gould: Family, music and affection-a prefect combination of all three. Click here to know more


Perfect Tunes by Emily Gould is a tremendous intoxicating Tale of Love, legacy, parenthood, and loss. It is full of indescribable insights given by the novelist in the story. Emily Gould is an American writer and an editor at Gawker. She is famous for her short stories, and recently her book Perfect Tunes got published on 14th April 2020. The plot of the saga revolves around a girl named Laura, an aspiring vocalist and songwriter back then when she was 20, who later shifted from Ohio to New York City. She had a great fascination with singing and playing the guitar. While she was building her career, she met Dylan and started dating him and also got indulged in doing drugs with him. Later, Dylan died due to an overdose of the drug in his body, and Laura was left behind, pregnant with Dylan’s child. Laura then shifts to Brooklyn, where she teaches music. By now, Laura’s new-born was grown up into a rebellious child. What is Laura’s plan for the future? Will she proceed with her passion? And what upcoming hurdles are waiting for her?    This novel by Emily Gould is already out now. Go and grab this compelling novel to know the further story of Laura and her child. I assure all the bibliophiles out there that they would be totally astonished by reading this perfect story about Motherhood, love, ambition, and sacrifices that a woman makes for her child.
Perfect Tunes’ shows us the affection towards music in Laura’s life who associates everything to Rhythm, tunes, and love. We also can relate to this; Have you ever assumed what your mother was like? What she had a fondness for? What all she craved to do before she became your mother? And what she laid off in order to have you?

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