‘Dark Season 3’ Release Date, Cast- Karoline Eichhornas, Plot And What Is The Connection Between Elisabeth And Charlotte?


Dark is a series that is a science fiction genre. It is a german series produced by Janie Friese and  Baran bo Odar. In this show, the sets of the frame depict the towns of Germany. The story of the show travels around when the child gets disappeared. All the secrets and mysteries are slowly revealed. The story is connected among four different families and come to know a time travel conspiracy about their three generations.

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The series Dark cast members are Karoline Eichhornas as Charlotte Doppler, Louis Hofmann as Jonas Kahnwald, Stephan Kampwirth as Peter Doppler, Maja Schone as Hannah Kahnwald, Jördis Triebel playing the role of Katharina Nielsen and many more.

Some new faces may be included in the upcoming season. But Netflix didn’t announce any details and also about the cast who are returning.


Season 3 will be giving answers to all the previous questions as it is the last season of the show.  All the fans will come to know whether Adam is Jonas, and we will also find out whos the new Martha.

What Is Connection Between Elisabeth And Charlotte?

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The connection between Elisabeth and Charlotte is that they are mothers to each other. Story at Noahs and Elisabeths lives, they were together and had a baby. So, Charlotte and Elisabeth are daughter and mother to each other and also each other’s grandmother, too, with no origin of the biological loop.


On 21st June 2019, season 2 reached the screens. Production of the final season already started in June 2019. Netflix did not announce any official date yet. But like the previous seasons for the final time, the Dark would be mostly airing around the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. So stay tuned for further updates stay tuned.