‘Hitman Season 1’: Release Date, Cast (Agent 47, Diana Burnwood, etc), Plot and everything you need to know!


Iointeractive created”Hitman”is a series of stealth/shooter combo video games published by square enix. IT’S an action , adventure series.

The “Hitman” series is based on a contract serial killer named Agent 47, who is a genetically strengthened clone having the skillful talent to execute assassination flawlessly.

Release Date

The game “Hitman” was released in 2014. In November 2017, Streaming service Hulu announced the development of a television series based on the Hitman series of video games. John Wick Creator Derek Kolstad wrote the pilot script.  No official release date has been announced, but this series is expected to be released by 2021.


This series is based on the video game series “Hitman.” So, the characters of the game are expected to be the characters of this TV series. The cast includes Agent 47, Diana Burnwood, Agent Carlton Smith, Nei-Ling, Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer.


In Hitman 1, a player has to control Agent 47, a genetically enhanced clone from a third party perspective. Agent 47 roams round the globe to various international places to execute his contracted assassinations. Just as in other games of the Hitman series, a player is given opportunity to enhance his creativity in approaching his assassination of criminal targets. Players may use long-ranged rifle to wipe out a target from a long distance or they may assassinate the target from a short distance by using the aforementioned blade weapons or 47’s specially equipped garrot wire. The most usual method to play this game is to incapacitate the non-players and wear their clothes to hide their own identity. In this way, a player can go to the target places which are mostly restricted areas. The non-playable characters play a vital role and influence the game helping to know about the position of the target.