‘Dying Light 2’ Release date, features and latest updates about this game


Dying Light 2 is an upcoming game by Techland. A sequel to Dying light, the game will be released on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows for the gaming community.


Set in the future, 15 years after Dying Light, the protagonist, called Aiden Caldwell, is seen equipped with various skills. He will be seen performing various actions and moves in this version. Set in a place called The City, players will be free to navigate and explore the horizons of a fictional urban city.

The story is set upon themes of darkness and the depths of loss and destruction of humanity. The concept of the fragility of human lives has been paid attention to. There are plenty of such lurking themes embedded throughout the gaming scene.

Further, this game will also have zombies living in The City, prepared to take on the protagonist, Aiden. What will become of Aiden lies in the hands of the players?

This game seems promising and very much worth the hype. Alongside handling complex human concepts of infidelity and loss, the gaming world will have yet another gripping game to its name. The release of Dying Light 2 has already been making waves with the fans of the previous version anticipating an even better, complex, and awesome gaming experience.


The trailer is extremely engrossing. With its stunning graphics and fantastic gameplay, who wouldn’t want to play it?

The trailer instantly captures your attention, and its creators offer deeper insight into its making and the efforts involved to produce this masterpiece.


Although the game was expected to be out by early 2020, Techland postponed its release to an uncertain date in order to develop the game a bit more. Gamers have been waiting for quite some time, and we hope the wait will be worth it.