‘The Homecoming Season 2’: Will Julia Robert be a part of the 2nd season? Release date, cast, plot, and everything you must know about the upcoming sequel


Homecoming is a thriller web series produced by Amazon. Here is the release date, cast, plot, and everything you must know about this upcoming sequel.
The highlight for Homecoming Season 2 is Julia Robert will not return for this season. Homecoming is based on his podcast. But still, the fans are excited that what is gonna happen in the show. The new season will have Janelle Monae in the lead character.

When the Homecoming Season 2 is returning?

As of now, no official announcement has been made on the exact release date, but it will release in late 2020.
Homecoming season 2 renewal was announced along with season 1.first season released on 2 November 2018 with ten episodes.
Homecoming is a bit time taking the show as it requires ultimate production value, and for the editing part, it is quite a long procedure, so this gonna be release in late 2020.

Homecoming Season 2 Cast:

Season 2 will be featuring a new cast as Julia Robert announced that she would not reprise her role in this upcoming season. So fans are excited that the showrunners will introduce which star in place of her. A lot more rumors among fans and various possibilities, but it’s not confirmed. Officially no other cast reprising or not has been announced. IMDb has made the confirmation only on Chelsea Wallace.

Homecoming Season 2: what is going to happen? Storyline
Director of the show Sam Esmail conveyed we are working on the second season, but it will follow the different paths as he has seen only the six episodes of the podcast, which was covered in the first season since then we deflected from the path.
So without Heidi Bergman, what all we can expect from this upcoming season.
New Episodes will be showing Geist Shady Business Venture, Thomas Carascco investigations, and Audrey temple.