‘Lucifer Season 5’: Release Date, Cast (Tom Ellies, Lauren German etc), Plot and everything you should know!


A good news for the lucifer fans that Netflix is bringing up the fifth season of this American television series to be released by 2020.

“Lucifer” series is developed by Tom Kapinos based on the DC Comics Character taken from the comic book series”The Sandman.” The series premiered on Fox on January 25, 2016.

Netflix adopted the series after it was left by Fox who aired it’s three seasons. The fifth season is split into two halves consisting of 16 episodes. The first eight episodes will be dropped by Netflix, followed by a break, and then Netflix will drop eight more episodes.


This series is about Lucifer Morningstar, the angel who had been cast out of heaven due to his betrayal and was left to rule over the throne in Hell. Being bored from his sulking life, he left hell and moved to Los Angeles.

Then the series focuses on his life in Los Angeles. He ran a night club there called” Lux” and started enjoying his life indulging in Music, wine, and beautiful women. Everything was going well until one night when a beautiful pop star was heinously murdered outside his night club. Then he met homicide detective Chloe Decker and worked with her in the investigation of that murder case. Chloe was fascinated by Lucifer for his ability to bring out people’s deepest secrets and his will to dispense justice punishing the wrongdoers. Lucifer was also attracted to Chloe because of the purity of her soul and her inherent goodness. The fourth season ended with Lucifer and Chloe admitting love for each other and Lucifer returning back to hell to rule over there.

The plot of season 5

It is expected that Season 5 will carry forward the plot of its previous season.


The lead casts Tom Ellies, and Lauren German will be reprising their roles. Other expected casts include Kevin Alejandro as Dan, D.B Woodside as Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, Rachael Harris as Dr.Linda Martin, Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez and many more.


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