‘The Alienist Season 2’! Release Date, Plot, Cast (Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning etc) and So Much More!


The American period drama series, The Alienist, is set to return with its second season. It first premiered on January 22, 2018, on TNT. Netflix has acquired the international rights for this series. Despite receiving mixed reviews from the critics, the first season was an immense hit among the fans. The upcoming season will be based on the sequel novel, The Angel of Darkness, by Caleb Carr.


The story takes place in the mid-1980s, New York City. A serial killer is on the loose after murdering the street children. Teddy Roosevelt is the police commissioner. He appoints John Moore (newspaper illustrator), Laszlo Kreisler (criminal psychologist), and Sara Howard (police secretary) to secretly investigate these murders. The trio faces many challenges, including their clashes with the NYPD and the lower class citizens, on their way for investigating these gruesome murders.


The second season is based on the follow-up novel, The Angel of Darkness. Sara Howard will be a private detective. She will be seen finding the kidnapped daughter of a Spanish dignitary along with the help of Moore and Dr. Kriesler. We know Moore expressed his feelings towards Sara at the end of the first season. That’s why the fans can also see the romance between Sara and Moore.


We are definitely going to see the return of the main cast, including Daniel Brühl (Dr. Laszlo Kreisler), Like Evans (John Schuyler Moore) and Dakota Fanning (Sara Howard). Other cast members, including Brian Geraghty (Theodore Roosevelt), Douglas Smith (Marcus Issacson), and Matthew Shear (Lucius Issacson), are also expected to return. Some new cast members are also expected to join this series.


No official release date has been confirmed by the production studio. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has badly affected all the movies and TV shows. But the second season is expected to air sometime this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

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