‘The Dragon Prince Season 4’: Release Date, Cast, Story and Trailer. Everything else you need to know about. Keep reading to know more about the 4th season.


Although Netflix is primarily famous for its series collections, they also are a platform for some of the animated movies. Also non-animated series. Also, some Animes.

One such computer-animated Television series is ‘The Dragon Prince.’ It is created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. And the animation is done by Bardel entertainment.

The series has already crossed over three seasons. And the fourth season is all set for its release.

It was first released on 14 September 2018. And the last season was released on 22 November 2019. Also, the last season had a strong storyline. Now the fans all over the world are pretty excited for the fourth season.

So here is all that you might need to know about.


The plot of the animated series is pretty much set up in a fantasy world, also with an element of magic. The continent was named Xadia.

So as the series starts, we come to know that there was a time when humans, Elves, and Dragons were together. And just like the real times, humans make an imbalance. They practice dark magic since they are not capable of real magic.

And dark magic always comes with a cost of a life. Now the dragons and humans are at war. The dragon king is killed, and the eggs are taken.

Then they are at war forever. The egg is later taken back by the dragons. And the Dragon prince is born. And that is Zym!!

Now, this constant fight between the good and bad is what makes ‘The Dragon Prince’ favorite to its fans.

So season 4 will see the best of the techniques used presumably. And there are talks about a possibility of season 5.


The Actors Jack Desena, Sasha Rojen, Rayla, Viren, Jesse Inocalla are the cast. And will be the voice of the characters.

Release date

‘The dragon prince’ season 4 is expected to release by May 2020. Although this is not an official confirmation, this is the only one we have now. Anyways let us wait and hope it does release by then.