Maisie Williams Talks About Her Love Life And Her Experience On The Game Of Thrones Set, Here’s everything you need to know!


We all know Maisie Williams as Arya Stark from The Game Of Thrones, an HBO fantasy series. GOT has gained a high fan base internationally and has received numerous awards.

For her role as Arya Stark in the series, Williams had many nominations and won many awards, including Saturn awards and Golden Derby award.

In 2019, Maisie co-launched Daisie, a platform for new upcoming artists where they can get exposure and recognition for their work.

Her journey in Game Of Thrones

As we all know, Game of Thrones concluded the show with its 8th season. Maisie Wiliams is seen throughout the journey of Game Of Thrones. William had stated that she had been selected for the role of Stark at the age of 14 back in 2011.

Throughout her journey in GOT, she has faced a lot of good as well as bad times. In recent interviews, she opened up how she was body-shamed and had several mental breakdowns.

She stated that she felt horrible and conscious of that role. She was made to flatten her chest using a strap and had short hair. They had usually made her cover in mud, and used to cover nose in mud so it would look broad and manly.

In Vogue’s 24 hours with Maisie Willaims, she said: “Maybe around Season 2 or 3, my body started to mature, and I started to become a woman.”

Personal Life 

For the need of privacy, Williams does not talk about her own life much. In 2019, she was spotted with Reuben Selby in a fashion event. Reuben is a fashion designer, the founder of a fashion agency, and a former communication director at Maisie’s social media platform.

Although they haven’t made their relationship public, the couple has made several public appearances together.