‘Winds of Winter’: What Is Going To Happen In Martin’s Sixth Instalment! Release, Updates and So Much More!


There is no doubt in admitting that the fans are desperately waiting for the release of The Winds of Winter. It will be the sixth entry in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series. It will not be the final book of this series. After the disappointing end to the Game of Thrones TV series, diehard fans from all around the world still have faith in this upcoming book. But we know one thing for sure…..Winter is definitely coming!

What Can Be Expected From The Sixth Installment?

The Winds of Winter is expected to take us farther in the north. The Others (White Walkers) will definitely appear in this book. The previous installment, A Dance with Dragons, ended with many cliffhangers. These cliffhangers will be resolved in the early part of the sixth book. The battle of ice and the battle at Meereen (Battle of Slaver’s Bay) both will also be featured. The character of Arianne Martell will be explored. Theon Greyjoy’s meeting with Stannis Baratheon is also described in this book while Arya Stark is still training with the Faceless Men.

Release Date

Author George R.R. Martin confirmed that he is currently working on the sixth installment. He is also trying to protect himself from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He told fans on his website: “Truth be told, I am spending more time in Westeros than in the real world, writing every day. Things are pretty grim in the Seven Kingdoms … but maybe not as grim as they may become here.”

The book is expected to release before the New Zealand festival Worldcon in July 2020. It is an annual sci-fi convention. Martin has been chosen as the Master of Ceremonies at Worldcon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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