‘The Vanishing Half’ by Britt Bennett. Check out every detail that we have so far


The Vanishing Half by Britt Lee has received stellar reviews by readers and has secured a 4.5/5 on the Goodreads community. With positive reviews from critics, it makes itself known as a must-read novel.

The book leads to the introduction of Stella and Desiree, twin sisters who grew up in the Southern black community. At the age of 16, the sisters make a decision to leave their old life behind and flee from the community- the community where risks were ever-looming, their hands tied with racial terrorism, and unending domestic work.

They begin their new life; however, an unfateful turn of events changes their lives forever, and they are forced to be separated. They enter separate communities and lead their new, yet inauthentic lives until they are unexpectedly forced to cross paths once again. Further, the choices of the sisters- and even their children- will lead to situations and circumstances that are irrevocable and compelling.

The book spans over a period of four decades and throws adequate light on the development of all pivotal characters, such that it makes perfect sense when everything is weaved together at the very end.

The Vanishing Half has a title that conveys perfect sense when read. Britt Lee has spun a novel about black lives and the whole society in general while handling sensitive issues which have plagued the society long since centuries. The novel is utterly gripping, thought-provoking, and promises to leave its readers spellbound while simultaneously breaking their hearts. Britt Lee has masterfully created a story where she hooks the readers right from the beginning, makes them live the lives of all characters through her poignant tale and delivers them a ravishing story that leaves an indelible impression on them long after it has been read.