‘The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4’: Release Date, Cast Members, New Bonds And More Recent Updates.


Hulu’s American Dystopian tragedy web series based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, is all set for its fourth season. It is the first show produced by Hulu to win a major award as well as the first series to win an Emmy for Outstanding Series, rising to the charts of popularity.

The web series narrates the fierce struggle of a brave and compassionate woman and a loving mother, turned handmaid by the power-hungry leaders, creating a militarized and newly created social classes, brutally subjugating the women of the society.

Season 3: Spoiler Alert!!

The third season of the series begins with June praying for the safety of Emily and Nichole. Emily escapes with June’s baby Nichole into Canada, and after having granted asylum, Nichole is taken into the care by Luke and Moira. 

June visits her daughter Hannah before being taken into custody by the Guardians and is re-assigned to the Waterfords. A grief-stricken Serena tries to commit suicide but is saved in time by June and Rita. June is punished at the Red Center and then assigned to Commander Lawrence, having facilitated Emily and Nichole’s escape to Canada.

In a series of the handmaids being assigned and re-assigned, the series enthralls its viewers in an amazing journey of a mother and handmaid, June Osborne, resulting in her being shot by soldiers at the airport, nearly killing her.

The season ends with June being taken by some of her fellow handmaids trying to carry her using her cloak and June reciting, the words of Acts 7:34.

As per sources, there’s been a buzz about the season four coming out by June or July of 2020, as the creation and filming have already begun, confirming the fourth season of the series.

The third season stars :

  • Elizabeth Moss as June Osborne
  • Alexis Bledel as Dr. Emily Malek  
  • Bradley Whitford as Commander Joseph Lawrence 
  • Joseph Fiennes as Commander Frederick “Fred” Waterford
  • Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy Waterford
  • O. T. Fagbenle as Luke Bankole

in the lead roles.

To see what’s next in store for you, check out the trailer of the upcoming season, right here!!

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