‘The Beauty Of Your Face’ By Sahar Mustafah is the perfect mix of emotions and thrill. Here’s everything you should know!


THE BEAUTY OF YOUR FACE” by Sahar Mustafah, an American Novelist who generally include subjects like fiction and family in her stories, declared as the BEST FICTION BY WOMEN IN 2020 is a treat to the bibliophiles. This is another book that has created the feeling of controversy, feelings, and thrill among its viewers, which almost left them speechless.

The details are as such-
With the genre of General Fiction, the very distinctively written debut novel by Sahar Mustafah gives shivers to the readers when they come vis-a-vis with the story of Afaf Rahman, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants.
SAHAR MUSTAFAH is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants who had been awarded The Guild Literary Complex Prize for her collection – Code Of The West (2017); a Distinguished Story Honor for best American Short stories and three Pushcart Prize nominations.


The book describes how Afaf, the daughter of Palestinian immigrants and the principal to a school, faces attack by a radicalized man. As she witnesses the terrors closing in, we go back to her childhood through her memory lane, where she experiences racism and also a lot more.

The novel defines the inhuman concept of humanity in the country, which is called united—the United States Of America. The story pierces through the heart of every reader as it reflects back on the deeds committed on every other migrant by every other racist.

Looking into the mirror of agony, a reader would see a person looking out for love and acceptance in the society, which lacks truthfulness and fraternity.
A rather unconventional and intimidating story is here to be read and explored. Read, Understand, Act. Till then, stay tuned to pressreality.com for more stories and updates.