Maisie Williams Talks About Her Love Life And Her Experience On The Game Of Thrones Set, Here’s What You Need To Know


Maise Williams is an English actress who is 22 years old famously known by her debut acting character named as Arya Stark in the famous television series Game of thrones. She also won many awards for the best supporting role

Maisie, who played a warrior role inGOT, in reality, is a sweet cute, and soft person. She doesn’t like to expose her personal life in front of the media. Recently she started working on a new project. She gained lots of fans for her character and acting in GOT.

Maisie williams finally reveals about her love life and her ...

Maisie and Reuben Selby were seen together in 2019. Ruben is an entrepreneur. He is into the fashion field to assisting photographers, directors, and designers. Shelby never kept their relationship in front of media and publicity, but this was revealed when she sai that her boyfriend wasn’t satisfied with GOT season 8. This rumor was set on fire when they both met in Paris.

During Paris fashion week, this couple was spotted in February at fashion shows. Once she said to vogue that her body begins to develop and turn into a lady while Arya has to play the role of kid around GOT season3.,Fans show interest in knowing more about her personal life and her relationship status.

Recently she is playing the role of young girl Kim who is departed from her family and dear ones to a remote place, and she struggles for her life. Right now, she is focusing much on her carrier. As she a vibrant and an actor with a good soul, she can make anyone fall for her. So for further information, we need to wait until she opens it to us regarding her personal life. Until then, stay stunned folks.