Julia Alvarez returns after 14 years with the Adult Novel ‘Afterlife’. Read all the details below.


Afterlife, published on 7th April 2020, is the seventh novel for adults by Julia Alvarez. This is also her first adult novel in almost 15 years. The author of the novel shows how to go through the tough times that hinder a person with pathogens, mental illness, climate change, deep personal losses of the loved ones, and horrific immigration policies.

What is the novel Afterlife about?
Afterlife portrays the life of Antonia Vega, who lives in Vermont and is a retired English professor and writer. She is alone, stays apart, and is suffering after the death of her husband unexpectedly. She also has three sisters who are scattered across the country.
Suddenly in her life, problems come as Izzy, one of her siblings’ vanishes. Izzy’s mental state of mind is not alright and is questionable. This sends the rest of the family on a quest of finding before its too late. In addition to it, Antonia finds herself giving shelter to Estella, who is the girlfriend of Mario. She is a pregnant and undocumented teenager. Through all these situations, Antonia is pulled out of her lonely life to a new one.

Reception of the Book
The response regarding the book was positive. It got a rating of 3.9/5 in Goodreads and 3/4 in Book Marks. The novel has two things that are worth noting. Firstly the way literary references are inserted by Alvarez into the inner monologue of Antonio. Secondly, the thing that Alvarez did not use quotation marks, and she refused the insertion of the same. The novel is basically about how family bonding healed a woman’s personal life and pain from which she was suffering.
This novel is a well-written account on the part of the writer keeping in mind the warm relationship between sisters who knows how to push each other’s bruises as well as how they can also lift each other in life.