Jaden Smith confirm he is gay and is dating Tyler the creator at Grammy 2020! Tap to know more!


Jaden Smith, at the Grammys 2020, confirms that he is gay dating Tyler, the creator. Tyler also responds to Jaden calling him as a boyfriend.


Jaden Smith, the famous American rapper, is the son of will smith and Jada Pinkett smith. He has featured in some of the films individually as well as with his dad. Anyway, after the critics of his last movie, he focussed more on music rather than acting. His main genre was Hip Hop. In 2017, he returned to acting and was starred on the Netflix shows.


Jade Smith and Sarah Synder were dating from 2015 to 2017. However, they both broke up after “growing apart ” and also with the cheating rumors. Anyhow being optimistic, Sarah Synder later inspired many songs on the smith’s dream album, Syre.


Tyler Gregory tokonoma, popularly known as Tyler, the created is a famous American rapper. He is also a singer, music video director, songwriter, and much more. Also, Tyler is the co-founder of the alternative hip hop group odd future.


The couple has been hanging out since 2013. However, it seems that the Jaden confirmed his feelings on a birthday wishing tweet said that he has feelings for him. Also, he mentioned that he was not sure of that and will be clearing in the meantime. Since then, rumors arose between them.

Also, at Tyler’s annual camp flog gnaw carnival in 2018, Jaden announced that they both were in a romantic relationship and that Tyler was his man for all time. Tyler also admitted by shaking his hand, waggling his finger while he was 21 years old.


At the 2020 Grammy Awards, Tyler won the coveted best rap award. As everyone knows, no one will be much happier than the jade smith for this award. A praising tweet by Jaden came along that night by mentioning Tyler as ” MY BOYFRIEND JUST WON A GRAMMY “! However, even though he proposed in 2018 itself, now the relationship is confirmed. The confusion is hence solved, the rappers are committed with each other as they always wished!