‘Death In Her Hands’ By Ottessa Moshfegh is a flawless blend of dread and fear. Here’s everything you should know!


DEATH IN HER HANDS by Ottessa Moshfegh tops the list of the most anticipated novels of 2020. She is a well renowned American writer and litterateur, who has been adored by Hemingway Foundation and was also nominated for the Booker Prize Award for her remarkable creations in fiction. Eileen is one of her unforgettable works.

The book ‘Death in her hands’ is a soul-stirring metaphysical Novel about an aged widow whose life is devastated when she finds something unusual while on her regular walk with her dog in the enchanted forest. She discovers a note which was lying pinned on the soil that has something terrifying note written on it by which the protagonist was deeply shaken, and now she has no clue what to make of this note and also she was new to that area.


The whole plot revolves around the string of aged widow, the note, and Magda with a twist of thrill and suspense. The more hassle the central character gets in; the more readers love it.
The Novel, Death in her hands has been already introduced, and many die-hard bibliophiles have had their hands on it so far. It was a voice version that was launched a few days back, and now the amazing guide is stated to be out soon around August 2020. All the fan bases are very much eagerly waiting for this amazing dread thrill.


The book is the flaunt-less blend of dark urban fantasy, fear, suspense, and horror, which aptly manages to maintain the reader’s interest in it, with a fascinating method. The story depicted in the novel ‘DEATH IN HER HANDS’ reflects the truthfulness and also keeps us sightless to it, and once again, we are in the control of storyteller whose unreliability is very well received, and the poles have never been taller.
So all the Ottessa fans out there, have to wait for her new dark fantasy novel to be launched soon. Till then, stay updated and enjoy reading!