‘The 100 Season 7’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and what should a fan expect?


Based on the book with the same name written by Kass Morgan, The 100 is a science fiction series that is created by Jason Rothenberg.

The series premiered on March 19, 2014, and season 1 has a total of 13 episodes. The last season that is season 6 was released on April 30, 2019, and has 13 episodes. It has an IMDB rating of 7.7 out of 10 and is considered “fresh” by having 92% rotten tomatoes from all the critics.

The 100 Season 7 Release Date

CW has officially announced that the series will make its comeback on May 20, 2020, with Season 7, which will have 16 episodes, making it a total of 100 episodes. The creator Jason announced that season 7 would also be the final season. In a recent interview, Jason said the ending is going to be healthy and sturdy.

Although the trailer of the upcoming season is not yet released, we will keep you updated!


The protagonist Clark Graffin is played by Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake, Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake. Other cast members include Paige Turco, Thomas McDonell, Eli Goree, Kelly Hu, Christopher Larkin, and Devon Bostick. 


The series revolves around a group of people who survived the nuclear apocalypse and are living in the space station “Ark,” orbiting around the Earth. One hundred people were sent as a last attempt to ground to check if life is possible on Earth.

What’s new in Season 7?

Season 6 is going to start where it ended in the previous season. Season 6 ended with a massive explosion in the new world Sanctum, during which Hope in an adult version of Charmaine Diyoza’s daughter appears in the smoke and then hugs Octavia. During this moment, Hope is seen to stab Octavia and disappear, leaving Octavia to die.

In season 7, the real question is whether Octavia is dead or alive?


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