Super Model Paulina Porizkova’s instagram post at 55- Posts a pic of herself in golden bikini!! Fans are going crazy over the pic. Keep reading to see all about it.


So just tell me what does your mind thinks about when I say a few names- Anna, Her Alibi, Arizona dream, Female Perversions, Wedding Bell Blues, Long time since, Thursday, The Intern, Knots. These are some films that are dated back from the 1980s to the last one being released in 2004. Do you see what is so common in the film?

Yes, that is right. The presence of a star. A lady. Or rather let us call her the supermodel. Paulina Porizkova. She is not just an actress. She is a model, an actress in both films and television. And also an author.

She is a lot more special than we know. She had her place in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue by the age of 18. Also, being the first woman from central Europe to be in the cover.

So what about her now?

She just celebrated her birthday on the 9th of April. Yes, a quarantined birthday for a celebrity. But she does not seem so sad for her birthday being quarantined. And guess what we have another surprise. The star has just turned 55. But that cannot be guessed by how she looks. She just looks absolutely stunning for her age.

If you think birthdays are common. It is not just that. The star just posted a picture wearing nothing but a golden sequin bikini on her 55 birthday. Also, the picture was actually a throwback picture from last month, although she had clicked the picture in Costa Rica last month when she was away for a holiday.

She posted randomly on her birthday, saying she never realized her beauty. And that she is thankful for a lot of things and moments she has been blessed with until now. Also, she says she has already lived half her life.

Fans are going crazy over the pic. The pic is “admittedly flattering.” And that is how Paulina calls it. And she ends the post with a bunch of hashtags.