‘Edge of Tomorrow 2’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Expectations, Future of the Franchise, Latest updates and more



The Edge of Tomorrow 2 is confirmed.

Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat) is an American Sci-Fi action movie created by Doug Liman, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, which released in 2014. The movie was a hit as fans were thrilled to Tom Cruise in a Sci-Fi movie. The movie takes place in the future where most of Europe is invaded by the aliens and Tom Cruise, a Public Relations Officer who is forced to fight the alien species.

Although the project has not started yet, however, it is confirmed that there will be a sequel titled “Live, Die, Repeat and Repeat”.

Release Date of the Edge of Tomorrow 2;

There is no official announcement for the release date yet, as they haven’t even started working on the script as all the main cast members are busy with other projects. As of now, it might even get more delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak. But both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt have signed up for the sequel already.

Cast; Who will be there?

Obviously, we will get to see Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The original cast will be back with some new faces. We can’t really say who else will be there as Liman is working on a totally different plot.

Expected Plot;

The plot of this sequel will be the opposite of the first movie. As Liman stated, it will be something really different where the audience will have to wrap their head around. The sequel will actually be a prequel, so he wants it to be really grand and special, stated Liman.

Future of the Franchise;

It is heartbreaking that there will be just one sequel to this movie and no more further movies as it’s a dull movie franchise.