‘Winds of Winter’: Plot, release date, updates and much more exciting stuffs ! Tap to know more


FANTASY being the most favorite genre for most of the book lovers. Winds of Winter is one of the novels in the epic fantasy series A Song of the Ice and Fire. It is written by George R.R.Martin.


Winds of the winter are the sixth novel to the series song of ice and fire. This novel will take the readers far away from reality more than whatever the previous novels did. It will have the battle sequences. Most of the characters will be having a major twist here. It generally deals with the battle in ice and also the slaves’ battle.  Also, there will be new characters such as Victarion Greyjoy. Also, martin says that this won’t be a happy or feel-good thing for readers since most of the characters will go through worst before going good.


The craze that the series game of thrones bought has made the fans wait for the next novel. A Dance with Dragons released about nine years ago, which made the fans go crazy. The fans are waiting for the next novel, The Winds of Winter, to be published by martin.


The last update from the author was that he is spending most of his time in isolation and that he will give his best to his fans about the plot. Also, he has said that he would not be traveling to New Zealand for the annual world science fiction convention because of this coronavirus pandemic. Well, however, as he mentioned in the last year, it must be released by the summer of 2020.


Also, for the eager fans, there are some of the chapters of winds of winter that have already released the online. Also, in his last update, he suggests the fans to read books like FIRE AND BLOOD and A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS. Also, he suggested to check out his Wild card series, which has collectively 29 books.

However, the news that the martin continues to write the winds of winter is still more satisfying and relief to his fans.