A look into so far ‘Pirates of Caribbean 6’: Cast, Release Date, Plot and much more.


Pirates of the Caribbean is an American film that is somewhat based on the theme attraction park of the same name by Walt Disney and Tim Powers. The series of films are produced by Jerry Bruckheimer along with Walt Disney Pictures. A sixth film in the trilogy is in production. Let’s know more about it.

Pirates of Caribbean 6: Release Date and Production
The first film was originally released in 2003. Since then it has continued to release five films up to the year 2017. It has been two years since the release of the last film and Disney is in the production of a sixth one.
Not much information is available of the release of the sixth one but according to some sources, the sixth one was scheduled to release in 2021.
The movie at present is in the scriptwriting stage by Terry Rossio and Jeff Nathanson. But we do not know anything about production and everything may also be halted now due to Coronavirus Pandemic. No trailer is out as of now. The trailer may be released just one month before the release of the film.

The Cast of Pirates of Caribbean 6
The cast of the sixth one is not yet finalized and a rumor is circulating that Jonny Depp may not be seen in the sixth film due to his ongoing legal battle with Amber Heard. We have yet to see who all will be in the cast. Also, we may get to see William Turner, Elizabeth Turner and their son Henry Turner.

What will be the Plotline of the sixth film?
The movie is still in the pre-production stage so the Plotline is not known yet. The script is being written now. It will basics revolve around the return of Davy Jones’s nightmare. Also, there is talk of a new female pirate. So we have to see how the movie will unfold.