‘Wonder Woman 1984’ release date – DC movie’s cast, plot, trailer and how Steve Trevor returns and every other detail right here!!

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman 1984!

Wonder women 1984 or WW84: Wonder Woman is an upcoming movie featuring the goddess superhero Wonder Woman from the DC Extended Universe. It is the ninth installment in the DEEP and is directed by Patty Jenkins from her own script written with David Callaham and Geoff Johns.

The first movie came out starring Gal Gadot as the main superhero lead in June 2017 and became a blockbuster. The movie focused on the first world War and how Wonder Woman originated. Her character has been seen in other DC movies after that and would continue to do so because of the immense popularity it gained.

The second movie or Wonder Woman 1984 was confirmed right after the first movie released and the fans couldn’t be more excited about it!

WW84: Wonder Woman 1984 release date:

The second movie in the Wonder Woman series is officially set to release on the 5th of June 2020 across the world!

The shooting of the movie is completed and it is set to hit the stage screens this summer. Prior decisions about the movie went in the direction of directly streaming the movie online rather then it reached the big screens first, but now, with the viewership for the franchise increasing, DC has decided to release it.

Trailer, the return of Steve Trevor and other details:

The official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was released three months ago and you can watch it right here!


In the trailer we can clearly see how action-packed and amazing the movie is going to be and Steve Trevor can be seen in the trailer, how is he alive? Where was he? And is it really Steve? All of these and more questions are budding in our minds and the answers can only be given by the movie!





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