Everything we need to know about ‘Peaky Blinders Season 6’ is in here. Read on to find out


Peaky blinders season 6- The series well formated by Steven Knight who is popularly known to be as the mastermind of the series without whom to achieve such popularity would have been impossible.

Casting –

Tommy Shelby, Polly Gray, Arthur Shelby, Ada Shelby, Finn Shelby, Lizzie Shelby, Linda Shelby, Michael Gray, Gina Grey, Jessie Eden, Colonel Ben Younger, Aberama Gold, Bonnie Gold, Isiah, Billy Grade, Sir Oswald Mosley, Captain Swing, Jimmy McGovern.

Release Date –

A confirmed date hasn’t been declared yet, but it’s hopeful that it would be hitting the screens either by end of 2020 or at the start of 2021.

Plot –

Analyzing from the previous ones it can be assumed that this season would also be showcasing 6 episodes under the perfect direction of Anthony Byrne. However, the title of its first episode has been declared ‘Roll on Black Day’. The fifth season has crossed 26.6 million views which have been impressive count by far now. The series would be coming up on Netflix after it gets screened on BBC One. If it follows the same pattern as season five, which is landing on the streaming platform on Wednesday, April 22. But what we surely do know is that grounds for the upcoming season have already begun, once again with Byrne at the helm, making him the show’s first director to head up the series twice.

The season five finale came to an end with Tommy Shelby, who happened to lose his mind and poised to kill himself post getting betrayed after his failed assassination effort upon Oswald Mosley (Sam Claflin) – who has been legitimated to come back in season six via Byrne. With having such a bold cliffhanger, we had assumed that the upcoming season is likely to pick up where it left off, with Cillian Murphy back as Tommy Shelby, Helen McCrory as Polly Gray, Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby, Finn Cole as Michael Gray, and Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne. Rundle would once again be popping up on the screens very shortly but is expected to be in a quite different role.

It also stars Harry Potter’s Katie Leung and Game of Thrones’ Kate Dickie, plus Samuel Small, David Hayman, Shirley Henderson, Fiona Bell, James Harkness, and Bailey Patrick. But it does not happen the same as we expect. So let’s hope it cracks the popular channels much more starring then before and does not let the hopes of its fans die.