‘World War Z 2’ Release Date, Cast, Plot, Expectations And Lot More Cool Stuffs. Tap In


World War Z is a 2013 American (apocalyptic) action horror film that was said to be directed by Marc Foster and is based on the novel of the same name which is written by Max Brooks. Filming had begun for this film in the year 2011 when all the cast and crew were finally penned down and decided. World War Z got premiered worldwide on June 3, 2013. The film was released both in 2D and 3D screens. The film received a certain kind of positive feedback as it featured Brad Pitt and also received certain criticisms for the anti-climax and outdated CGI. However, the film used approximately 200 million in filming, but it was a commercial success and earned more than 500 million.

The film picturizes a former UN employee Gerry Lane, his wife Karin and their two daughters are in heavy traffic when the city is overrun by zombies that are attracted and are seen affected by sound. Later it is found that the plague created is a virus, and the development of the vaccine wanted the origin of the virus. Gerry is then seen traveling to Jerusalem, taking rescues in certain military camps, drawing all kinds of information regarding the zombie’s attack. He then survives a zombie, saves an aircraft, restored to WHO for safety. In the end, we see Gerry and his family reunite safely at freeport. A vaccine-derived from deadly pathogens is developed acting as a kind of camouflage. Human offensive begins against the zombies and the hope is restored.

The cast consists of Brad Pitt ( as Gerry Lane), Mireille Enos ( as Karin Lane), James Badge Dale ( as Captain Speke), Ludi Boeken ( as Jurgen Warmbrunn), etc.
The series was to be renewed for a sequel and was to be released in the year 2017, but due to the busy schedule of the lead cast. Later the Director( David Fincher) got busy with the mid hunter release and filming. The fans waiting for the movie must know, that the movie has been canceled as the production has been canceled in midway, the movie was filmed for six months, but Paramount pictures have discarded. The major reason for cancellation seems to be low budget accumulation and opinion differences in creativity. The zombie sequel was soon to hit the screens, but now it has all gone in vain, and the project is a scraped project.