‘Homecoming season 2’ : When is it releasing? Cast, plot updates, details, what is going to happen next!?



Homecoming season 2!

Homecoming is a psychological thriller Television series that features on Amazon Prime Video. The first season premiered on the 2nd of November, 2018. It is based on the podcast with the same name by Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg, they also act as creators for the television series adaptation of the same along with Sam Esmail, Chad Hamilton, Julia Roberts, Alex Blumberg, Matt Lieber, and Chris Giliberti.

The first season gained considerably high viewership and the show was initially ordered for two seasons and now after the first one is complete, the fans are awaiting the second season with awe!

The story of the show revolves around Heidi Bergman who is a social worker at Homecoming Transitional Support Center which is a support center run by Geist Group that helps soldiers easily transition into civilian lives and overcome any and every trauma that they may have faced. The show progresses with Bergman realizing the off things about the faculty when she has trouble remembering her time thereafter leaving her job. The hidden real purpose of Homecoming comes out and the thriller wraps the minds of the audience in the secrets and cryptic story.

Homecoming season 2 release date:

Season 2 was officially approved along with the first one but what we still don’t know is when it’s going to go on air for the fans to enjoy.

What we can take from the information that the second season is already under production is that we can expect to watch the thriller sometime in late 2020 or early 2021 in the springtime!

Who’s going to return for season 2:

Bad news for all the Julia Roberts fans is that her return to the show for the second season is a big question mark! There has been no official information by the creators yet.

The others that might probably star in the second season are, Stephan James as Walter      Bobby Cannavale as Heidi’s boss Colin Belfast Shea Whigham as Thomas Carrasco from the Department of Defence, and others.

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