‘Dr. Stone season 2’: Release date, plot updates, what does the shonen manga has in store for the fans this time? All of the information right here!



Dr. Stone
Dr. Stone season 2 on its way!

Dr.Stone is a remarkably popular shonen manga series previously published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and has now been adapted in the form of a 24 episode anime series loved by a huge audience.

The first season undoubtedly shocked everyone with its ending and hence the new season has become something extremely desirable for the fans. The anime follows a fictitious storyline where genius Senku Ishigami emerges out from the stone petrification of every human on the planet that happened 3700 years ago and goes ahead to re-establish human civilization. The production house is very happy with the responses given to the first season has very gleefully promised us season 2.

The release date for Dr. Stone season 2and updates:

According to what the creators have to say, the exact release date has not been revealed yet but there is a probability that Dr.Stone season 2 would air in mid-2020. Production of the new season has been given a green light and it is in due process, the trailer, however, has been released and the fans actually can not keep calm anymore!

Plot Expectations and other details:

With the trailer being out already we can expect a whole different level of adventure for our Japanese heroes Yuruziha Ogawa, Taiju Oki, and Senku Ishigami. From what we can analyze the new season can have the sparring of two different kingdoms, one name of science and the other of Tsukasa’s empire. The new episodes can be very well expected to bring new action, drama, and science. The storyline is also said to be covering the Stone Arc manga which is considered to be one of the most important and famous story arcs, to begin with.

We as dedicated fans dotingly wait for what the new season awaits us and don’t worry we will be the first to keep you posted on any new information!

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